Will there be a alita battle angel 2

Alita: Battle Angel is the 2019 American cyberpunk action film produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau. It was directed by Robert Rodriguez and based on Yukito Kishiro's cult-favorite manga series of the same name or Gunnm in Japanese. The film was in development since 2003 but was delayed repeatedly due to Cameron's work on Avatar and its sequels. The film finally made it to production in 2016 and was released three years later to critical acclaim. 

The film follows the story of Alita, a cyborg who wakes up in a new body with no memory of her past and sets out to uncover her destiny. The first film was a hit and Cameron had always hoped to make follow-up films. Here's what's in store for the future of the film:

Will There Be Alita: Battle Angel 2?

Ever since the first film was in development, the filmmakers were sure they wanted to create several sequels. The first film's director, Rodriguez, spoke to Digital Spy and stated: "Jim [Cameron] and I talked about it recently and we're still very interested. I told him, 'Let me deliver [The Book of Boba Fett] and then let's figure out a pitch.'" He served as an executive producer on the Disney+ American space Western series created by Jon Favreau. 

Will there be a alita battle angel 2
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The first film was released by Fox which has since been acquired by Disney. So it is up to Disney to determine whether to greenlight a sequel to Alita or not. The fans of the media franchise are keen for a sequel as well and the pressure from them could allow Disney to make a decision. 

What Will The Plot Of Alita: Battle Angel 2 Be?

The first film ended in a satisfactory manner and served as a complete arc in itself. “It was fun, to get into the mind of Jim and how he crafts a story," Rodriguez said. "It was a real lesson in creating a character that could go on [for multiple movies]. Whether you have a franchise or not, you have a character that’s so rich that the audience can imagine more movies with, those are the kinds of characters that I like.” Cameron had also noted how Alita's long life has many mysteries yet to be addressed. There are plenty of plots to pick up from whether from the original manga or not, there is a lot to tell.

Will there be a alita battle angel 2
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It is still unclear what they could pick up from but Rodriguez explained: "There's like one whole document about the trilogy. Because that's just part of his process. 'Here are three movies. Just so you know what to include in the first story and whatnot.'"

Who Will Be Cast In Alita: Battle Angel 2?

Rosa Salazar was cast as Alita and was praised for her performance in the film. She will definitely be coming back to the sequel as well when they decide to make it. "I would play Alita till my last breath," she had stated. "I would, and thanks to the performance capture technology, I probably could." Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyson Ido. Alita's father figure will also most likely be coming back to the sequel. Keean Johnson as Hugo and Alita's love interest and the villainous Mahershala Ali as Vector may not be there in the sequel for obvious reasons.

Will there be a alita battle angel 2
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Edward Norton appeared at the end of the film as Nova and may have a bigger role to play in the sequel. Similarly, Michelle Rodriguez as Gelda and Jai Courtney as Jashugan were meant to set up larger roles in a sequel.

When Will Alita: Battle Angel 2 Be Released?

So far, there has not been any concrete confirmation of a sequel yet. With Cameron still working on the Avatar sequels set for release all the way to 2028, and Rodriguez stating they are working on a pitch, it may take several years yet again for another Alita film. Hopefully, it does not take more than a decade, like last time and we get to see the sequel much sooner. 

The movie, Alita: Battle Angel was released in theaters in 2019. Fans claim that this movie is the combination: of attachment, rhythm and emotion. However, for manga lovers, the end of the thread admits a bit of a skeptical moment. The result leaves a possibility for fans to hope for a sequel. For the moment, no official information has been communicated on the sequel or not of the film. Can we expect a sequel for this film? The answers.

Will there be a alita battle angel 2
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Weak points

Several questions revolve around a second production of the Alita saga: Battle Angel. Indeed, the first broadcast revealed a lot of criticism. That's not all ! The announced budget for the production was 170 million, the box office for its part was only 404 million. This question of budget is a weak point for the film, we cannot know if Disney really wants it.

Indeed, after the takeover of Fox, Disney became the boss, he surely does not need a new successful franchise, according to the explanations of Christoph Waltz. However, this actor has confirmed his participation in a second production just in case. So far, no official press release has been released.

A hope

For the moment, the project of a second production of Alita: Battle Angel is still in the works. There is still hope for the resumption of the saga by Disney. Despite this, Christoph Waltz's statements sow doubts in the hearts of fans. At present, Disney shows no interest in embarking on the development of a new project. For the moment, investments are focused on less risky licenses, in particular: Star Wars and Marvel. But, fans can still keep hoping.

The first part

For those who did not have the opportunity to watch the first part in 2019, we have prepared a small summary of the first part of Alita: Battle Angel. It's a story that tells the experiences of Alita, who wakes up in an unknown future completely amnesiac. Afterwards, she was taken in by Dr. Dyson Ido in the town of Iron City. The doctor discovered behind the girl's cyborg body an extraordinary past. Dangerous and corrupt forces then set off in pursuit of Alita. The latter discovered in Alita unique combat abilities.