How to edit slow mo on iphone

Recording videos with iPhone is always great and fun. The iPhone has a fantastic camera with extraordinary features. Apart from the normal recording mode, you can also record videos with iPhone 5s and later iPhones in two other modes: slow-motion and time-lapse mode.

The iPhone slo-mo video capturing mode can take most attractive videos, especially for action shots like explosions and flowing water. Let’s explore the slow-motion video iPhone feature and learn how to record and make slow-motion videos with iPhone. In this article, I'll share:

  • How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone
  • How to Convert Normal Speed Video to Slow-motion video

How to edit slow mo on iphone
How to edit slow mo on iphone

Part 1: How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone

Slow-motion video, a feature that is offered only by the high-end expensive cameras is now available with the iPhone 5s and later models. It is easy to use, affordable, and sheer fun. Here are the steps to record iPhone slow-motion videos.

    • Click on the Camera app to open it
    • At the bottom of the screen, you can find some text like: PHOTO, SQUARE, PANO etc
    • Swipe to right and you will see SLO-MO out
    • Start recording your slow motion video by tapping the red colored record button

How to edit slow mo on iphone

    • Again tap the record button to stop the iPhone slow motion video recording
    • Once you stop recording, the recorded slow-mo clip will be saved in the Photos app. You can now set up which part in the clip should be in normal speed and which part of the video should keep the slow-motion settings.

How to edit slow mo on iphone

    • Go to Photos app and switch to Albums section to locate all slow-motion videos in Slo-Mo menu. Tap the video you want to edit to view it.
    • For editing, tap Edit to enter the editing interface and you will see a timeline at the bottom of the video.

How to edit slow mo on iphone

    • At the center you'll find 2 black bold lines, these 2 bold lines decide which portion of clip playback in slow motion. Drag the lines to the right or left to shorten or extend the slow motion effect
    • Check the edited playback by tapping the blue button at the bottom of the screen

How to edit slow mo on iphone

Some Important Facts to Know about Shooting Slow Motion Video in iPhone

Capture Screenshot - You can capture stills while shooting iPhone slow motion videos. Tap on the white button at the left bottom corner of the screen and a high resolution snapshot is automatically saved in the Camera Roll folder beside the recorded video.

How to edit slow mo on iphone

Supported Slow - Mo Shooting Modes- Do you know the slow motion recording modes supported by iPhone?

iPhone 5s only can capture 720p at 120 FPS. iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus can capture 720p at 240 FPS. iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X can even capture 1080p HD at 240 FPS.

Space used by slo-mo video - It is vital to know that the iPhone 5s onwards iOS devices record slow motion video at 120 frames per second (fps). If you record slow motion video at higher frame rates, it takes lesser space than 120fps video.

The slo-mo video recorded at 1080p resolution at 120 fps uses approximately 375 MB per minute storage space and slow motion video iPhone resolution of 720p at 240 fps uses approximately 300 MB per minute.

Is slow motion video from normal video possible - A higher frame rate than normal is required to record a slow motion video., Playing a slow motion video to normal is possible but the reverse is impossible. You get a jerky video with frames jumping here and there when you try to watch a slow motion video from normal. It appears as a series of still snapshots rather than a constant video.

Part 2: How to Change Normal Speed Video to Slow Motion

If you’ve recorded a video on iPhone in normal speed and want to turn it into a slow-motion video, or if you can’t record a slow-motion video with your iPhone, you can use some third-party apps to convert them to slow motion videos. Here, we can recommend some video speed changing apps for turning normal speed video into slow-motion videos.


SloPro is a free tool for creating iPhone slow motion videos. Start recording instantly post launching SLOPRO. Once you are done, select the video from the library and tap the red colored edit button at the top right corner. Next, highlight the part of the video you wish to slow down using the clip out and clip in button. Now, to set the slow motion options, it is recommended to select between 500fps and 1000fps. You can slow the video by 25%, 40%, or 50%.

Once all set, tap Render and select the Optical Flow to get the best parameters. Finally, save So if you liked SloPro, get the full version within the app.the video and share it with your friends on Facebook and YouTube.

The free version of the SLOPRO carries watermark which is indeed a drawback. Get the full version of the app to avoid such issues.

How to edit slow mo on iphone

2. Slow Motion Video Camera Extreme

The free version of iPhone Slow Motion Camera Extreme offers 10 seconds of free recording time along with watermark clippings. The paid version has no such restrictions. Although there are not much editing options available, you can select a video from Camera Roll or record a high quality video, slow the speed of the video by 25%, 50% or 75% by clicking on the 50% sign. To add a song to your iPhone slow motion video movie, click on the Music sign. Once you complete editing, tap on the share button and export the slow motion video directly to the social networking platforms to share it with your friends.

How to edit slow mo on iphone


Besides adding slow-motion effects to your normal videos on your iPhone with some mobile apps, you can also try some slow-motion software on the desktop. Filmora allows you to adjust video speed from 0.01X to 100X, which provides more options for making slow-motion or fast forward videos. In just a few simple clicks you can get a professional-quality high-resolution iPhone slow-motion video. It is a great tool that makes your video editing easy, creative, and trendy.

How to edit slow mo on iphone
How to edit slow mo on iphone

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How to edit slow mo on iphone

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Can you edit slow mo videos on iPhone?

In the Photos app , you can trim a video you recorded on your iPhone to change where it starts and stops. You can also adjust the portion of a video that appears in slow motion when you record in Slo-mo mode.

How do you change slow mo speed on iPhone?

How to adjust Slo-mo settings on iPhone.
Open your Settings on your iPhone..
Scroll down and tap Camera..
Tap Record Slo-mo..
Choose the highest frame rate for the best results — just remember that this will take up more room on your phone..